Organic Shea body butter

Why BantuBeauty

BantuBeauty is inspired by beauty secrets from multiple generations across several societies in Africa. Several women in my life shared with me the knowledge of making the perfect body butter for all skin types and all ages. The main ingredient for the body butter is Shea butter, a versatile and highly beneficial natural ingredient. 

The BantuBeauty body butter is inspired and made for these amazing people in my life and others like them. 

Benefits of Shea butter. 

The list of benefits of Shea butter is very very long. The first time I tried homemade Shea body butter I was blown away. I felt like I discovered a beauty miracle and had to share with the world, only to find out, it is in fact well known. I must have been living under a rock. The homemade Shea body butter reduced the appearance of my stretch marks and moisturized my skin. 

According to healthline, Shea butter helps promote cell regeneration, helps boost collagen production, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, helps prevent acne. Shea butter is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. There is no end to the good Shea butter can do for you. 

Finding out what Shea butter can do led me down the journey of learning about other natural ingredients with these amazing benefits such as cocoa butter, rosehip, turmeric and olive oil. All these ingredients are going to be included in the BantuBeauty body butter to create an amazing product for all to use. 

The BantuBeauty Shop Debut

The debut of the shop is coming up and I am excited to introduce this product. The BantuBeauty shop celebrates nature, beauty of all types and community. This is the first step toward something great and I hope you are along for the ride. 

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